Things I Learned Driving a Luxury Car For The First Time

July, 2021

When you rent from Luxury Car Rental Dubai like a Maserati, Rolls Royce, Bentley, or a Mercedes, you get more attention on the road and may face some risks that do not apply to normal cars. Here are some pro tips to learn while driving in a luxury car.

1. Book Hotels with Comprehensive Parking & Security Facilities

If you book a budget hotel that does not have proper parking space, you may be forced to park your car on the roadside at night. Expensive cars attract more attention and are prone to theft attempts.

You do not want the car jackers to touch anything that is thought to be worth thousands of dollars, including the logos. So when booking hotel rooms, make sure the hotel has adequate indoor parking along with high surveillance.

2. Be Careful about the Roads you Drive

Porsche 911 GT3

Some roads are very bad and not quite suitable for luxury cars. Luxury cars have a lower ground clearance and softer suspension, which can make them vulnerable on bad roads.

If you find the roads are too bad, analyze the route you need to take for the journey and keep alternate routes in mind.

3. Rain Clogged Roads

Several roads are prone to flooding during the rainy season, and our cars are not designed to run on water for long (except for a few luxury SUVs). So, a flooded road can cause delays in your tour plans.

You do not want to be stuck in the middle of the road with a million-dollar car that you are responsible for. If a heavy downpour is likely to happen at your destination during the visit, avoid low ground clearance cars. Instead, take an SUV rentals.

4. Dim the Light at Night

Luxury cars have stronger headlamps than regular cars. They cause more blindness and confusion for the driver from the oncoming vehicle. During night drives, be sure to shift to a lower beam when you see a vehicle coming in the opposite direction. Even if the other driver does not switch to a lower beam, be responsible and do the right thing.

5. Pay Attention to the Valet Parking

Not all valet parking staff are well-trained to handle auto transmissions and paddle shifts. Whenever possible, park the car yourself, albeit with some inconvenience.

Aston Martin

6. Notice Strangers trying to pose in front of the Car

When you park your luxury cars, strangers may be tempted to pose near the car and click their photos. All of this is great as long as they don’t touch the car. However, some members of the public may lean on the car or do things that could cause scratches/dents. You have to pay attention to this and kindly ask them to refrain from such activities.

7. Do not allow others to Drive

When you lease from a luxury car rental, there is a temptation among your friends and relatives to drive it for a while. It may not be safe as they could get excited and may drive recklessly.

Check out Rent supercar Dubai’s guidelines on this. Cars with a manual transmission require less time and effort to pick up speeds, but for an automatic, like the 320D, holding the pedal for a few seconds, the car can reach high speeds without much effort. In the hands of an inexperienced/super excited person, it can lead to disaster before anyone knows what is happening.
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8. Being the center of Attraction

The attention you get from driving a Luxury car increases and elevates your status symbol in society to new heights. The aura that projects from someone who drives a luxury car can be of someone who has achieved incredible success. Keeping a low profile in public places will not happen unless you drive in Vegas.

The glossy bodywork, the extraordinarily beautiful, and the lowly cat shape grabs the attention of most humans. Expect people to stare at you to be famous, urge you to pull over, and ask you to take a picture of them with the car.

9. Drive carefully

Bentley Continental GT

With a lot of power, several high performance super cars may force the driver to accelerate faster. When speed excites you, it kills you. Your car may have the best safety feature, and you may be the most experienced driver, but it may not be the case of other road users. Reckless drivers may decide to get in your way. So always be conscious and alert while driving.

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