May, 2021

Drive your dream car in Dubai. Dubai is the Luxury reigns supreme. Blessed with all its riches and beauty, Dubai offers a variety of beauties to every visitor. As one of the most beautiful emirates around the UAE, the streets of Dubai are a heaven of luxury cars. You may drop your jaws at Dubai & its collection of luxury cars. In addition, the entire city is adorned with modern architectural marvels. It is impossible to experience the true glory of Dubai in a luxury car ride. Fortunately, thanks to the luxury car rental companies in Dubai, visitors are lucky enough to have a ride anywhere they want.

Rent, service, and policies are different. So, here is a list of the best luxurycar rentals in Dubai.


Porsche 911 GT3

Luxury car rental Dubai is the leading luxury car rental service in UAE. They arrive in the best cars to enjoy the exclusive locations in Dubai such as the Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, and the hottest nightclubs in the city. Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini, McLaren, and many more rent their luxury cars. Further luxury car rental promising and appealing, and well-timed customer support.

Interestingly, a luxury car SUV rental is one of the best offers in Dubai. SUVs provide more luggage space and more seating capacity. The right SUV will have a better presence than many sports cars. Luxury car rental Dubai is an ideal option for those who want to enjoy bigger vehicles,we have got a brand new Lamborghini Urus for Rental. The high-end car rentals Equipped with all the latest amenities and sporty state-of-the-art interior, our luxury car offers the comfort and elegance you desire.

There are many supercars and those luxury car rentals in Dubai and it is hard to find the best one. Luxury Car Rental Dubai is committed to providing a better travel experience through its premium car rental services.


VIP Rent a Car, one of the leading luxury car rental companies in the UAE, has been adding luxury to the streets of Dubai since 2012. VIP Rental A car offers a variety of rental services from those luxury cars at all times, including limousine, chief service, and luxury yard rental services.

Seasonal discounts and offers on car rentals are a great deal for every visitor to Dubai. In addition, they auction off additional discounts for subscribing to their newsletter. In addition, they provide excellent service in the classroom with an active customer support crew.

They auction off additional discounts for subscribing to their newsletter. In addition, they provide excellent service in the classroom with an active customer support crew.


Platinum Luxury Cars is a recommended carrier in the luxury car rental service as a loyal partner in luxury car rentals in the UAE. The luxury collection of those luxury vehicles of all brands is open to all who love to travel around Dubai.

The list of exciting services extends from the Chief to the Sports Vehicles. In addition, the Platinum Luxury Car offers attractive and timely customer support. Interestingly, luxury 7-seater vehicles are a special category for those who love to see the extremes of Dubai with family or friends.


Offering a wide range of exotic cars to choose from, Rent Supercar Dubai is Dubai's best luxury partner at affordable prices.Whether it is a business trip or a leisure visit, Apex offers all kinds of luxury car services across Dubai.

Rent Supercar Dubai guarantees exceptional customer service as it is a promising car rental partner. Rent Supercar Dubai provides pickup and drop service and is a reliable travel solution for foreign travelers. Range of services from Chuff Fire Service, convertible cars, SUVs, prom cars, wedding limousines rentals , and sports cars.

Aston Martin

The 24/7 individual reservation facility where anyone can reserve a choice car from their website is an exciting experience. Also, it is a great choice to consider as it provides excellent customer support and an exciting travel experience. Contact them to know more.


AL Jalilrental For Dubai, luxury is not just a matter of the elite, it is available to everyone.With a decent chief and car rental service, they provide luxury travel experience in Dubai.

Also, they provide service at the customer’s doorstep regardless of location. They offer pick-up and drop-off depending on the customer's interest.Also, they are 24/7 for all inquiries and bookings. Their customer-centric deal made all the luxuries at a reasonable cost.



Since 2014, he has been a good dealer of supercar rentals for the number one car rental service. Delivers the most prestigious luxury cars that fulfill every customer’s dreams.

Plus, it helps travelers find the best luxury hotel anywhere in Dubai. Therefore, the One Luxury Package Number One Car Rental service offers a comprehensive package that meets all the needs of a visitor in Dubai.


Launched with a passion for exotic cars, Prox Car Rental is one of the best luxury car rental in Dubai.

Bentley Continental GT

Expanding with a wide range of prospects, Prox is expanding its luxury car rental service for local and international tourists in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Maintaining high quality and low-cost service, they are becoming a popular choice among car rental providers in the UAE.
In addition, they offer car leasing services throughout the UAE. Clock supports customers with their friendly, heartfelt, and courteous customer service.


"Luxury Plus Cars" is one of the best luxury car rental companies in the UAE, opening up the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the luxury of travel.

With a brilliant history of over 5000 satisfied customers, luxury plus cars continue their journey with the best of service.

As a loyal luxury car rental dealer in Dubai, we expand our services to maintain long-term relationships with customers and enterprises.


There are many reasons to rent an Al Wahid car for a luxury ride in Dubai. They offer more discounts and deals for the customer and motivate them to continue the ride.

Their seamless car rental booking process enables anyone to enjoy a comfortable ride in any of the most prestigious cars in the world.

Plus, their humble customer support is another factor that keeps this name within every customer when looking for another luxury ride.


Since its inception in 1999, the agency, which includes two leading car rental services (Foster & VIP), has for years focused on key principles such as good value for money and strong customer support.

Supercar Hire Date Night

The vision of the car is to quickly become the premier, rental company in Dubai and to serve beyond customer satisfaction and demand. They want to help clients maximize customer lifetime value and increase their competitive advantage by helping to be productive and efficient while delivering measurable results.

They guide the company by defining service excellence and developing unparalleled customer loyalty and satisfaction. Faster provides luxury cars, economic cars, convertibles, SUVs, and sports cars for rent.

The list of luxury car rental services in Dubai does not end here. There are many service providers, small and large, all over Dubai.

However, we hope this list will make your search much easier. Although everyone offers the same service, the listed providers are found to be trending.

Here you are, find the right travel partner..hope you have a happy journey..